Health & Power Yoga with Yogi Raj

Health & Power Yoga with Yogi Raj Week-End Camp

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The 1st Humanity Centres are being develop with Nature in Mind and creating as much natural surroundings as possible. The centre being developed are simple with going back to nature in Mind. We plan to achieve off Grid or Zero Energy at both our centres.

Come and experience the simple living. We have very little furniture. Our sleeping quarters have mattress on the floor. It is comfortable yet rustic and simple. We have removed all the clutter.

Some simple rules:

  1. Please maintain silence while you are on the premises.
  2. Remember you are here to connect with your inner self.
  3. Please do not carry your electronic devices with you. See Item 4
    • Please leave them home or in your vehicle.
    • Try and organise yourself so that there are no calls to you for the weekend.
    • We will ask you to leave your cell phone with us if you are carrying with you.
  4. We have an emergency line that we will provide you upon registration that you leave with your family for emergency only.
    • Leave a voice message for anyone who calls you telling them you are at Yoga Camp and cannot be reached until Sunday night to Monday.
  5. If we find you using cellphone or electronic devices we will ask you to leave at once.
    • Please ensure you understand this rule clearly as there will be no refunds or warnings.
    • We take this matter extremely seriously.
  6. Bring Minimum items with you. Here is a suggestion:
    • Change of Cloths for 2 days.
    • Tooth Brush, tongue cleaner & Toothpaste.
    • Please No deodorants
    • No Makeup or shaving items.
  7. We have shower facility.
    • If you use showers please quickly rinse yourself each morning or evening whatever your routine is.
  8. We have outside portable toilets. Please use them from wakeup to bed time.
    • We do have inside toilets to be used at night.
  9. Please come on Friday after 4pm. Registration is between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm
  10. Make sure you had a good shower at home before you leave.
  11. Bring one towel, face cloth, Bedsheets and Pillow with you.
  12. If you prefer you can bring sleeping bag instead

For this weekend camp, those who find above not suitable for them, we have arranged hotel accommodation that you can book yourself.

Hotel information posted in Registration 

Even in Hotel please stay silent, and refrain from using cellphone or electronic devices.

We cannot enforce this. It is for your benefit.


We request that you do not eat any meat, fish, eggs, Poultry, 3 days before the session.

If you are coming on Friday, refrain from eating above from Tuesday.

Food will be served. It is prepared under the supervision of Yogi Raj.

Registration will be open on 18th September 2017

If you have any allergies please fill out in the health questioner so we can inform you if we can comply with your requirements.

Cargill Ontario session is on September 29th, 30th and October 1st 2017

Warwick Settlement in New Brunswick session is on October 6th, 7th and 8th 2017.

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