Yogi Raj

The Master (Guru) & Doctor (Vaid)

We welcome Yogi Raj jiĀ  – Dr. Vishvpal Jayant (Dr. of Ayurveda Medicine) to 1st Humanity Fellowship as our Director of Ayurveda and Power Yoga. Yogi Raj will help us establish the practice of Ayurveda in our Centres.

Yogiraj brings qualifications and credentials from his extensive practice of Ayurveda combined with Yoga. Yogiraj is a well known practicing Vaid (Doctor of India Traditional Vedic Medicines.

He is an expert in Nadi Parikshan. His accomplishment and service work he does.

Founder Gurukul Ashram, Kanvashram, Kothdwar, Uttarakhand
Founder Gurukul International Academy, Chandanpura, Najibabad, Bijnor, UP
Founder Vedic Arogya Sansthan, India & Canada
President, Central Youth Wing of Arya Samaj, Uttarakhand
Vice-President, Indian Farmers Union
Director of Ayurvedic Research, Sri Ayurveda Pharmacy, India (Art of Living)

Yogiraj ha

He has forty years of experience in diagnosing and treating patients with herbal medicines formulated by him, for various ailments like diabetes, digestive problems, urinary and sex related diseases, respiratory problems, infections, skin disorders, arthritis etc. His followers from USA, Canada, UK, Europe & Asia have all benefitted from his healing touch.

His fame as an Indian Yoga Guru & Doctor and his achievements are a milestone for any proponent of Vedic Health System. He has mentored several pupils, who now as Yoga trainers are carrying on his good work in the promotion of Yoga abroad.

Yogiraj attained the highest level of proficiency in Asana, Pranayam, Dharana and Dhyan through intense yoga sadhan besides unraveling the knowledge and practice of Yoga. When Yoga and Ayurveda work in tandem, the results are much better.

Yoga exercises are tailored to the capability of the individual, based on his/her medical condition. Followers are prescribed a regimen of Yoga along with their Ayurvedic medicines. The number of followers that have benefited from Yogiraj’s treatment is a testimony of his popularity that has grown year-after-year in the past 10 years at the International Yoga FestivalĀ held annually in Rishikesh.

Dr. Yogiraj is an expert practitioner of Nadi Parikshan.

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