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A Personal Note:

There are many individual who have provided advise, time, financial support over last 10 years. I am grateful to all of you who have touched my life and especially those who followed me on this journey.
With your support, hosting me, listening to me, inviting me in your homes and looking after me made my journey viable. Most importantly was welcoming me in your hearts with open arms and supporting me. Most of you still continue to do so.
I am very grateful to all of you and will always have a special place in my heart. I cannot repay for your generosity in my life time. 
We have directors of 1st Humanity Fellowship and their Bio will be shortly add. There are specialist in different field of health and integrative medicine that are working with us whose information will be added soon.
Thank you and blessing.

Shreeji Arun

Shreeji Arun

Shreeji Arun grew up in Western world life style and living in cooperate world started his journey in 2006 for self discovery and quietening of mind to find a balance in life. How can one live in harmony with physical self and spiritual self? In self discovery journey, he realised that one must do the physical action at the same time understand the energy of this body and spiritualty (call it consciousness or soul etc.)  that make this body alive. Hence, Shreeji teaches what he practices is what he teaches………… Click here to read more

Swami Ashwini Prajnaa

Swamiji and Shreeji Arun met in October 2016 on the opening of 1st Humanity Fellowship.  Swamiji did the opening and taught one week camp. With Eastern Vedic Knowledge of Swamiji and Shreeji from the western upbringing, science and technology oriented and living in corporate world came together to form a Unique Team. Swamiji has made commitment to work with 1st Humanity Fellowship exclusively to continue his mission as the mind and thinking process of Swamiji and Shreeji collided during this visit and became one. …..Click here to read more

Yogi Raj

Dr. Vishvpal Jayant (Ayurveda Medicine)

Yogiraj brings qualifications and credentials from his extensive practice of Ayurveda combined with Yoga. Yogiraj is a well known practicing Vaid (Doctor of India Traditional Vedic Medicines.

He is an expert in Nadi Parikshan…….  Click here to read more


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