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All events are posted on FB Page. There are Photo’s and videos of our progress.

There are two centre that are being developed.

Our head office is in Warwick Settlement (20 minutes from Miramichi) in New Brunswick, Canada. We have 400 acre land that is being developed into Training and Retreat Place that will have solitude and quietness.

We have a building that is 12,000 sq. feet space in Cargill, Ontario. We have been renovating the building and hope to have it completed in Summer of 2018.

Last year in October.  we did soft opening of the land with 3 trailers and an outdoor place for teaching. (See photo’s on FB Page)

Our first visitor was Swami Ashwini Prajnaa (Swamiji), an Indian Monk; who did blessing of the land. Swamiji ran Thanks Giving long weekend camp on Yoga and health.

Shreeji Arun FB (Click Here)

Shreeji has been on this journey for 10 years testing concepts of Yoga, Meditations and Scriptures from different belief systems. He tested the concept “Lord Will Provide”.  He comes from Science and Technology background specialising in Project and Change Management. The beginning of this journey started by establishing 1st Net Group. More details are found on 1st Net Group website.

1st Net Group website has more details (Click Here)

1st Net Group Inc, was started and one of the components was the Peace Program. It grew to the point where it was incorporated as non profit organisation. Hence the Birth of “1st Humanity Fellowship in August 2015

1st Net Group manages and funds all the activities of 1st Humanity Fellowship.

Humanity First